5ive & 5ive Project

This is a project to help improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in Barrow-in-Furness through food and physical activity awareness.

The project incorporates the key food and physical activity messages:

  • Eating at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day
  • Doing least thirty minutes of moderate physical activity five times a week for adults and young people doing at least one hour of physical activity on most days.

The project is not a 'diet' and is not about weight loss.  It is about how small changes in your daily routine can make a long term positive impact on your health. We hope it will continue to assist in the cultural shift in attitudes towards physical activity and food and influence long term lifestyle change.

To help you along the way we have produced some fact sheets for you to download!

5ive & 5ive Diary

To help you make those small changes we've produced a 5ive & 5ive Diary! The project diary has been designed to help you incorporate more fruit and vegetables in your diet and 'moderate physical activity' into your daily routine.

The diary allows you to keep a record of how much moderate physical activity you do each day and how many portions of fruit and vegetables you eat each day for 10 weeks.

The diary also has space for you to set goals, monitor progress and make comments about how you are feeling.

Below is what one diary user told us recently

"I've started the 5ive & 5ive diary recently and have found it to be really useful in helping me to meet my five a day goal. Once I found that I had to write down a record of how often I ate fruit/vegetables, I realised that I wasn't eating enough. Now I ensure that I meet my five a day goal and I am also trying to drink more water.

I think that the 5ive & 5ive diary is a very useful visual aid to help an individual who wants to keep a record of their healthy eating habits and their exercise routine."

Need a little help?

Parish Nurse fitness classes

Interested in 5ive and 5ive but don't know were to start?  Why not start with some fun, friendly exercise?

Parish Nurse Ruth McDonald is running a free fitness class every week during term time.  The weekly session includes aerobics to lively and uplifting music.  Ruth is also available to talk about weight loss, diet and healthy living.  And if you ask nicely, she'll give you a 5ive and 5ive Diary and give you any advice you need.  There you go, it fun and it's free.  How easy is that? 

Sessions are every Wednesday at 6 - 7pm at Emmanuel Community Church (opposite Morrison’s Supermarket)  during term time. 

For further information contact Ruth McDonald by email or give her a call on 07796645247. 


Stop smoking and win a Free Leisure Centre Pass

Cumbria NHS will help you quit smoking and give you a free three month pass to a local Leisure Centre if you stay smoke free after four weeks.

Call the Stop Smoking Service for support, including nicotine replacement therapy
If you are smoke free after four weeks, you will qualify for a free three month leisure pass to Dalton Leisure Centre or Barrow Park Leisure Centre for up to five sessions per week.  This offer includes swimming, gyms and line dancing

Call the NHS Cumbria Stop Smoking Service on 01900 324222.