Walking to Health

Get on Track Coastal Railway Walks

Join a group of people enjoying trips out to walks, accessible from Barrow Station.   
Each walk starts at around 10.30am.  Join it by catching the 10.10 am train out of Barrow on the second Thursday of each month.

Get on Track Walks

A full programme of monthly 2-3 hour walks on the first or second Thursday of each month. Each walk has been mapped out using every station between Grange and Millom.

The walks are about 5 miles, taking up to 3 hours, and can be over rough ground - occasionally very wet underfoot. Most walks end in the vicinity of an agreeable place to eat and drink. New walkers will be made very welcome.

Thursday 7 July Morcambe-Canal-Carnforth

Thursday 14 July Kents Bank-Middle Fell-Hampsfel-Hampsfell House-Grange

Thursday 11 August Askam-Dunnerholme-Kirkby-Foxfield

Thursday 8 September Dalton-Abbey-Roose-Barrow

Thursday 13 October Arnside-Arnside Knott-Arnside

Thursday 10 November Ulverston-Urswick-Dalton

Thursday 8 December Foxfield-old railway-Broughton-Foxfield

The first named is the station where the walk begins, the last named where it ends. Assuming the timetable does not change, the walk start time coincides with the arrival of the 10.10am train from Barrow.
Any enquiries to Richard Scott by email  or ring 07519849564

Walking for Health 

Come and join our local walks in Furness.  Feet First in Furness runs free, varied led walks in the Furness area for people who want to enjoy walking in a group.

There are walks every weekday and more adventurous monthly walks based on railway stations of the Cumbria Line.  

Lack of physical activity is a major health risk.  Only 7 out of 10 men and 6 out of 10 women achieve a safe level of moderate activity each week, which is 30 minutes on at least 5 days.  Inactive people are twice as likely to die of heart disease as those who are active. 

Being active brings lots of benefits including better body shape, sleeping better, having more energy, being more relaxed and confident, better concentration, an exhilarating sense of purpose, having more fun and, in a group activity like walking, meeting more people.  Group walking brings all these benefits, seeing local places of interest and enjoying social contact.

Getting started is the big thing.  Make it easy and unchallenging by building up activity level gradually.  Wear comfy clothes and footwear.  Have a drink before going out and carry water with you if you need it.  Do some gentle stretching before the walk and feel happy about what you are about to do.   In this way you will increase flexibility as well as stamina. 

Most people like to walk and talk, but others prefer their own company or a chat with the dog! 

There are many ways to build walking into your daily routine, and remember the 30 minutes can be built up of smaller bursts, say 10 minutes of brisk walking to catch the bus, walk to the office from the carpark or to the shops at lunchtime. 

Set a target for how many walks you can do in a week and gradually build up distance or pace. 

There are short group Walking for Health walks 5 days a week and the longer Get on Track walks on the 3rd Tuesday each month.  Ring Richard Scott at the Cumbria CVS office to find out more.  Call for our free leaflets and map pack.

For further details, please email Richard or ring 813497

Feet First in Furness weekly short walks


10.30am Monday – Meet Dalton Tudor Square - various routes around old Dalton


10.30am Tuesday - Meet ASDA Channelside or Ormsgill reservoir walk
10.30am Wednesday – Meet Walney Mill Lane shops - Coastal walk from Earnse Bay
10.30am Thursday – Meet Park Leisure Centre Entrance - Barrow Public Park Walk


10.30am Friday - Meet Victoria Road Bus Station, Ulverston - various one hour rouites around Ulverston

Doorstep Walks

Discover parts of the Borough that you didn't know existed!  Click on the image above to download a copy of the new Doorstep Walks pack.  If you want a nice new shiny pack, contact Richard at Cumbria CVS. 

Please click here to view the new Feet First in Furness walk programme leaflet

Walking Advice

  • Wear sensible shoes
  • Drink a glass of water before and after your walk or bring a drink with you
  • If you have a history of heart trouble or other significant medical illness, talk to your doctor before you start
  • Stop walking if you experience unusual symptoms, such as chest pain, dizziness or breathlessness and consult your doctor
  • Why not invite your friends, family or work work colleagues to join you when you go walking

All Levels of Fitness Welcome

All walks are...

  • Wheelchair and push chair friendly
  • Free of charge
  • Last between 30 minutes and 1 hour
  • On hard and dry ground and are mainly flat
  • Take place whatever weather
  • We will be there to welcome you

If you have not been on a health walk before, please come 5 minutes before the advertised start time. You will be asked to fill in a short health check questionnaire.

Please click here to view maps of the Doorstep Walks.  You can also view walks by inputting your postcode on Walk4Life Website

Could you be a Volunteer Walk Leader?

We always need more trained walk leaders.  It's a great way to keep healthy and make new friends.  If you might be interested, please contact Richard Scott for further information.

Programme of Walks

'Feet First' Furness led walks, for more information please click here

Gentle walks in the Barrow area designed to provide a weekly opportunity for exercise for groups of people.

Length about 1.5 miles, time usually 40-50 minutes.

All walks now start at 10.30am

Starting points are:

Dalton Tudor Square - walks round the old town

ASDA foyer - Channelside walk or Ormsgill reservoir

Walney Mill Lane Shops - Walney Shoreline

Park Leisure Centre entrance - Barrow Park

Ulverston Rose Garden Victoria Rd  - 5 different 1 hour led walks

Trained leaders will meet you on arrival at the starting point.

Pocket packs with details of 16 independent walks of similar level from the Cumbia CVS office 72 Scott Street and Barrow TIC. 

More local walks

Visit here for Dalton walks

FFF works as part of the Active Living for All project - ALFA - and is supported by Cumbria CVS, Cumbria PCT and Natural England.

Contact Details

If you would like any further information about the Walking the Way to Health scheme in Furness, or would be interested in becoming a Volunteer Walk Leader please contact:

Richard Scott
Cumbria CVS,
Lesser Kings Hall,
Hartington Street,
Tel: 01229 823144

Please click here for Walking to Health Leaflet